Garden Club FAQ


What is EVG's Garden Club?

The Garden Club is an exclusive community on Patreon, where you receive special Ephemera's Vintage Garden content not offered to the public. It's where I get to give back to those who support my work, and we can connect more personally as we continue on our creative journey.

Patrons get special rewards and benefits every month. 


What rewards and benefits do you offer?

They include:

  • monthly printables
  • happy mail
  • special discounts
  • exclusive videos
  • early access to new listings
  • behind the scenes videos and pics
  • exclusive Facebook community for patrons only


How does it work?

Choose a benefit tier that suits you best and receive those rewards.

Benefits are posted on Patreon and you receive an email notification every time I've posted new content. You can also join an exclusive Facebook group where I notify patrons of new rewards. 


What if I want to cancel my membership?

You decide how long you want to stay and you can cancel anytime, hassle free.