Garden Medley - Printable Journal Kit

Garden Medley - Printable Journal Kit

This huge printable kit features images from the covers of vintage seed catalogs dating back to the late 1800's and early 1900's. The images make finished journal pages measuring approximately 5.5x8.5" but can be resized to suit your needs.

Includes sheets in each of the following colour combinations so that you can mix and match:

  • 6 blue/pink
  • 6 purple mix
  • 6 red/yellow

That's a total of 18 sheets. There are also 2 sheets of assorted ephemera for making tuck spots and journaling cards/tags, as well as a lined coffee stained page that you can use to print the back of your image sheets.

Print on quality paper for best results. For junk journal tutorials visit

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